Merry Christmas Monsieur Hulot !


Merry Christmass Mr Hulot
Marc Rius
Written by
Marc Rius
Graphic designer
David Merveille
Les Films de Mon Oncle and TNZPV Productions
A snowflake in the sky of Paris …
On this December morning, as Monsieur Hulot is having breakfast with a pair of pigeons, a Christmas bauble falls on the floor, followed by an other one. His Christmas tree is slouching like a languishing old man… The kind Monsieur Hulot decides to save the tree ! With the help of Dacky, his dachshund, and of his little neighbour, Louis, he plants the tree in the middle of the roundabout, the only island of greenery in the middle of this urban universe. At first, all the inhabitants but the mayor are amused to see this « new neighbour ».
As time goes by, the tree grows, grows, grows… It grows so much that, on the next Christmas, problems arrive. At first, it is a branch that keeps the bar from being delivered ; then, another branch conceals the traffic lights, entailing a small accident and a merry mess !
It is decided : the tree will be cut down. But that is, without taking into account Monsieur Hulot, his accomplices, a touch of love and and a spark of magic. In a snow-covered Paris where the mountain invited itself, through poetic and amusing twists and returns, Monsieur Hulot will drag us through a true Christmas tale and will transform the life around this place into a never-ending party.